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01:36am 20/09/2004
  hi, i'm sorry
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02:06am 03/09/2004
  $52 bucks and the nips are pierced baby.
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Blaccha Blaccha!!!   
04:47pm 31/08/2004
  So...yesterday went as follows.

After getting a measly 2.5 hours of sleep i........
Went to a silly little free food shindig in Depot Town with Meaghan, got some super delicious ice cream. Met the gayest Striaght kid ever and walked in the park with him, much fun!

Decided to come back to monroe for a little, do some laundry and get some articles i needed.
Got home put some laundry in, called some cats to see what people were up to. I got seriously hungry and daryl called, invited me to lunch. I was so poor and hungry i graciously accepted his offer and went downtown with him to Megaedys...or however the fuck you spell it.

Saw some cats, nick paul and alyssa downtown taking photomatography, was cool to catch up for a bit.
Paul i will bring you your cd's on friday or saturday most likely.
Went back home to get laundry out and steal some food from the house.
Said another 45 min good bye to my dad, almost crid because he is so sad to see me go. I'm only 45 min away, well...a half hour, but i feel as if i am abandoning him for some reason. makes me so sad.

Called Jess, got disconnected on the highway, called jess again got disconnected on the highway, gave jess another call got disconnected on the highway and called jess back again, told her to just forget about it.
Got back to the dorm to see LafuckingRhonda drinking more of my soda that she supposedly didnt like...and got a call from Meaghan, who was heading over to jim's again and wanted me to come along. So i headed out the door once more, while LafuckingRhonda lectured me about class the next day.
SO at midnight again i go to Jim's we hang out watch some Conan, some SNL with Conan and paint our toenails. Getting back to the Dorm at 3 am, i realize i have to wake up at 7 for class at 8. Great another 4 hours of sleep.

So with 8 hours of sleep in the last 3 days i wake up this mornin and trot my way to my first class... a mandatory health class, twas interesting, easy A for sure. Show up in my P.J's and listen to how i need more sleep and less ramen noodles. Easy as Pie.
Second class Psychology. Hard for me to spell, easy for me to pass. Out teacher reminds me a lot of....well me. He doesn't give to shits about a damn thing and "tweaks" peoples grades depending on how well he knows you and if he likes you or not. And he's not afriad to tell us either.

I have a one hour break right now before my Drama:Lit class
I should sleep since ihave to work tonight from 3:30-9:00, but hell i need to get used to this.

I'm not missing out on good times for sleep. Fuck no. That's what you do when you're old. Right now i plan to just exhaust myslef to the fullest. maybe have a little break down and get some time off of school.

The teachers are suppposedly still on strike...well some of them. Unfortunately i dont think any of them are MY teachers. Fuck.

oh well. Wish me luck at the new job today. Cash register...here i fucking come!!!

Fucking College   
01:31pm 31/08/2004
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09:11am 30/08/2004

I feel like such a steriotypical college kid already.
I'm using used envelopes as coasters for my 1.29 meijer bought cans of red pop soda *(drink it. Love it)*, went to meijer at 1:30 am last night/morning to buy ramen noodles and breakfast burritos. Damn they were 10 for 3 dollars, i mean, how could i resist.
I bought so much cheap good food and for only 15 dollas motha fuckas.

Eastern is pretty cool, except for the overly cheery orientation leaders that harass me about being slightly anti social when it comes to "name games" and "group tee shirt signing".
Fuck off bitches. I can make my own friends without having to play London Bridge in the rain in the grass with flip flops on. Leave me alone!!!
I'm sure the things i kind of dislike about this place will change when all the normal people arrive and classes start on Wednesday. Right now it's only freshman.
My floor is all chicks in my dorm, it's this crazy ghetto music blaring estrogen fest 24/7 up here.
Luckily i found like....2 people like me on my floor, this asian chick and this "mean girls-esqe" blond chick. They're pretty sweet, we sit in my room listening to Bob Marley and talking about how the asian chicks room mate is like 3 billion pounds and takes 3 hour showers every night at 2 am.
It's the good life.

I'm not really missing my friends right now, seeing as i talk to or see people on a daily basis. Well Sushi still hasn't called me (i don't have your new phone number bitch!), and i really want to talk to Zachariah... But Jim, Anthony and Meaghan all live so close by. Jim is like 2 min down the road, and he can buy me alchohol (WHooo HOOOO!), Anthony is like 4 min down the road and will give me cooking lessons (i'm gonna miss my Ramen) and Meaghan is just the next dorm building over, i dont even need to go out side to see her!!
Nick, Mitch and Steve all stopped on in here a few nights ago, that was cool. I love those boys. I'll have to invite you kids out on a more exciting, non-move-in night, when we can PAAARRRTYYY!!
Talk to jess on a daily basis, excited to see her next weekend. Josh and Ryan have also made their respectable phone calls as well as John Hummel, who will also soon be up by me!

I need to buy books and get some money.
My job starts on Wednesday, i have a sweet LOBBY SHOP smock i get to wear, i'll take pictures of me in it, so you can all be jealous.

Well, yeah, i wish i was going to art school though. Advertising Design would be so fun....2 years....2years....

Until then, i have to stalk that hot dark haired man who held the door open for me earlier.
jess, you will LOVE this kid.

okie, everybody call me! We can set up a time to hang.
Love ya
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Booty Calls   
01:45pm 23/08/2004
Things have been so strange lately.
Took Jessica down to wittenburg a couple days ago with Nick, got to check out the scenery and jesusry..hopefully in a couple of weekends i can go on down there and visit her. Show the church crowd how things are done! Mutha Fuckas!
On Thursday i leave for Eastern, Nick is taking me up there to set some shite up, then later in the day i'm going back up with my lofts and junk to perfect my itty bitty room.
My dad is about to cry everytime he see's me packing up my junk. He is afraid that once i leave i'm never coming back...he even vaccumed my car and washed it and everything, trying to keep busy. it's weird.
Sushi left for India and Leaves for new York on Wednesday, hopefully i'll have time to see her before she goes away for good, if she wants to see me that is. I dont know, people have changed a lot lately.

Nick and Mitch have turned into crazy party animals, i'm so proud. You kids will have to come to all the crazy college parties with me on the weekends in ypsi!! Motha fuckas!!!
Going to Wheatland on the 10, 11, 12 of September, Kick your shoes off and roll with me!!!! ***Does a hippy dance***
Things have been going good lately, i'm just really glad to be going out on my own, don't know what i would have done with myself if i had to go to community this coming year. No offense to any one who is, seriously, but i just couldnt do it.

Ryan and I are going to go to lunch one day before i go too...havent really seen that kid since Incubus.

Met my room mate LaRhonda, she's a crazy religious black girl, kinda reminds me of Mikwonjilian, but a bit more intense, should be fun having her to mess with. I can tell the two of us arent really going to be friends or anything, but we can get along, and that's cool with me.
It's college, she's a room mate. Fuck it.

So if people dont know, here is my cell # 1 734 731 2855

If you are in the Ann Arbor Ypsi area any time after sept 1st, serisouly fucking give me a call. I'll show you around, we can eat..i get a super cool discount at a fabulous greek place, and have some fun.
Or even if you ARENT in the area and WANT to be, call me and we can meet up and do cool stuff.
Sweetness? Sweetness.
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Here ya goooo   
12:09pm 02/08/2004
  This promises to be entertaining. Really.

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!
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Uh huh and here we go...   
09:19am 24/07/2004
  So..i havent been writing much on here because i've recently purchased a little blue journal and have dedicated myself to writing (yes, actually putting pen to paper) in it everyday.
It's a lot more freeing then writing in here. I can say whatever i want aout whomever i want and not have to worry about people getting offended by the truth. Plus i can say things to myself that just arent safe for anyone else to hear.

I guess i can update people on my life.

I don't work at Olgas anymore, i work at Quatros.
I'm still going to Eastern in like...less than a month now.
I started eating onions last week. To fend off vampires.

oh and perhaps the most important part of it all

I got a cell phone niggas.
for all of those, if any, care.

So i guess now we'll see if the age old excuse "I would have called you to invite you/talk to you/ask if you wanted to come if i could ever get AHOLD of you" is true.
As of now, it really doesnt seem like it.

Ah well. It's a Cingular plan, so i'll have the same number for a while. Use it to your advantage.

I miss some people.
Gonna hang with some kids tonight though, so that's cool.

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Public Service....vent   
12:40pm 26/04/2004
  Have fun in monroe the rest of your life bitch. Please do a service to humanity and try not to breed. Thanks.  
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I'm baaaaack   
09:55am 21/04/2004

Read it and weep brothers and sisters. Read it and weep.

I love it
And i love all of you

Oh lordy lordy   
04:27pm 14/03/2004
  The wind is so hard right now...damn.

So about me not posting in FOREVER...

Things are good i think...well things are ok.

I kinda broke my car on Friday, but that drama is over now.
Still waiting to hear on the college money situation. Camping trip, day after the last day of school....WHo's With ME?

I need some new socks.
And a prom dress.

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11:13pm 26/02/2004
  I just ate the most terrific ham and cheese sandwhich ever..and i made it all by my fucking self.

Life is...confusing as hell lately. So up your giggy.
It's cold and my nipples are hard.

hehe..i'm tired and going to bed now.
School tomorrow. Debate...*sigh*
Wish me luck, i'm going to need it....badly.


100% Serious...   
10:03pm 24/02/2004
  I would shoot and kill any animal that crossed my path if i had a gun just for something good to eat right now....
mmmm...i'm such a food addict...

kiiillllll meeeee...

Nick and i were creative today, we made resin trinkets this afternoon. Oooohhh and i bought more fabric for sewing class, now i can finally stop skipping!

Senioritis has kicked in 100%...it's so very very sad. I need to start going to all of my classes again...but i most likely wont.

Looks like i'm going to Eastern next year. It would help if i knew a person or two that i could hang with or something when i go, but doesnt look like any one i know is going to Eastern...which might just be a good thing in a few ways.

Daryl and i are going to a Red Wings game on Sunday, which is pretty exciting! I've never been to any kind of pro sports game before, and i'm sure going with him will make the experience all the better ^_^

Alex is the most annoying person on the face of the planet.

I'm out.

Hunger Pains.

oooo Damien Rice is playing at Saint Andrews Hall
Sunday April 25
Who wants to go?

hit me up on the flip side pippas

Pink Tractorbeam into your incision.   
09:27pm 22/02/2004
  Another update into the life that is mine....

Thursday night i went to work, and closed.
It was a horrible terrible no good very bad day, and i resolved that if i had to work in the smoking section the next time i worked, i would quit my job.

Jess called while i was at work, and we made plans to definatley do something that night.
Which we did.

Basically we spent the whole night at Denny's with Sushi and some more peeps who were very amusing i must say.
We went to sleep at Jess' house then back to my house at 10 then fell asleep and stayed asleep until 4.

Was preeeety fun.

That night i...oh..i went to Daryls and hung for a while with he and his mom. I like her.

Then Saturday i went with Mo and Daryl to Tecumseh to see Kate and meet Togo, Mo's new boy toy. Everyone there seemed pretty friendly and stuff, i guess, mo basically was stuck onto Togo, which was expected i guess, so i didnt really get to know anyone that well.
Daryl and i were eachothers entertainment though, so it was fine..i'm just happy Mo got to see Togo.
They're pretty cute together and everything, so it's all happiness.

Saturday night, Daryl, Jess, Sushi and i went on a mad look for something to do. Jess and i ganged up on Daryl for a game of foos ball...and lost.
Then we went to IDA for some kind of strange ho-down thing...i dunno, then to Megans to do a little sumthin sumthin.
By this time though i was seriously tired as hell, and Daryl was falling asleep, so we left, went home and went to sleep.

Today i woke up and went to work.
I didnt work in smoking section so i didnt have to quit my job.
End of story.
Week OFF   
12:31pm 19/02/2004
So basically this whole week has been full of nothing special.
Monday, i woke up around noon and went to work @ 5, worked until 10...made like 15 dollars. Which i am really pretty upset about.
God i can't wait until March.
Tuesday i found out i didnt actually have to work, so i spent most of the day with Daryl. Hadn't seen him since like...Saturday, so it was nice.
We just laid around, played some Double Dash, and went to his friend Nick's house to watch "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" and eat barbeque chicken pizza.
Nick is married and has a little girl, and it's so weird too because he's the SAME age as Daryl. They went to school together and everything. The whole night it seemed like we were all babysitting or something, not like this guy should have had a kid.
Wednesday I woke up at 6:30 to go to breakfast with NIck and Paul and Sherry supposedly. Unfortunately others were there who i dont necesarily like.....oh well, i got my bran muffin and country fried apples. So i was happy.
NIck, Paul Mich and i went back to Paul's to sit around and have fun. We ended up hearing a lot about poop and boners. Mitch was sick, but still helped us re-create a yahtzee commercial, which turned out rather fun.
I was there seriously all day, until around 6.
went home to see if Parentals still wanted to go to the play they;d been talking about, but they were sickly, and didnt want to go, so i ventured out into the world. Went to Best Buy with Daryl, showed him the Jesus Movie, and our new Yahtzee commercial, and in turn he showed me his 7th grade science movie....^_^. We just layed around and talked and laughed and talked some more then i came home.
NOw i'm sitting around waiting for Becky to get home so i can go shopping for my grandmother and go to work.
I close tonight again.
In other news...i might just be going to...dare i say it...Eastern...next year....they just offered me this scolorship that i think i would be stupid not to accept.
New York can wait 2 years.
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Canadian Weekend?   
05:44pm 15/02/2004
  Yes, so it's apparent that i dont really matter much to my mother at all.
Not that i havent suspected it all along, but holy christ...

I was supposed to go to Canada and visit family and shit this weekend, didnt want to, but i was going to sacrifice myself anyway....

Friday night my mother and i got into a fight. Something stupid as usual, but a fight nonethe less. I told her i didnt want to go to Canada..and i was going to take a nap.
When i woke up...around 9:30, all the lights were off in the house, and the suitcases gone from the living room. After a bit of searching i came to the conclusion that my "family" was gone.
That's right...they'd left me home while they went to Canada.

Weekend alone.
At this moment i though this and only this..."Shit...i could have gone with Sushi and Jess this weekend! BItch!"

yeah...so i was pretty pissed. Went into the kitchen made a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and proceeded to try and find something to occupy my weekend with.

Becky had taken the car key off of my key ring in a effort to be smooth and not let me leave all weekend...but i had a extra one made and hid in my purse.

So i've just been doing whatever i damn well please this weekend. IT's been really nice actually. I've napped more than anything, just because i can.

Forgot i had to go to work this morning until i woke up and looked at the calendar...that kind of ruined it for me...but i did make almost 50 bucks.

Went to Wal*Mart.


yeah. Fun.
Oh..my parents are home now.


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It's always nice to get Drama cleared up...   
08:23pm 08/02/2004
  This weekend was shitty beyond belief....oh god. I dont even want to get into all of that though.

Just know, it was horrible.
my god...

So i'm going to send my CUNY papers in as soon as my FASFA is done, which all depends on Becky..*shudder*

Worked today, which was sucky...blehgh

I just need to go....think...or something

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"It's Easy to Get High   
08:23pm 03/02/2004
  when you're standing on our back"

Yes, so "A crow left of the Murder" the new Incubus Cd came out today. I bought it because..well that's what i do.
It's pretty amazing. Every other song is my favorite and the ones in between are a close second.

My copy came with a special edition DVD, so i'll have to watch that when i get the technology.

I went to work today and found out i didnt really have to work. That was fun.
Oh well though, at least i smell good.

Read an interview in a magazine that said the lead singer of Machine Head used to suffer from a Eating Disorder. Who would have thought?

I dont know how many people know this, but i dont like being called E.T. or alien or anything like that in reference to the size of my eyes. Mkay?

My dad used to call me his "little alien baby" all the time because my eyes were so big, and i kind of have a complex about that now still. So thanks for not doing that anymore.

Oh and i made chicken when i came home today. mmmmm gooooood.

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Stupid, Fat Hobbit.   
12:04pm 03/02/2004
  Today, was a snowday.
Wait...today IS a snowday.
How fucking exciting yes?

I have to sit around and watch Alex all day.

Jessicas birthday went well, good music, nice boys...cake!
Susans birthday was exciting yesterday as well. Olgas...cake!

i love buying birthday cake.

I'm filling out the rest of my CUNY application today. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Watch, i wont even get accepted.

Right now the bird is standing on the stove, beating his head against the burner. ooookkkaaay.

I need to get my film developed, it's been so long since i've taken pictures, what's wrong with me?

Ok, so this is basically pointless, this whole post, but ya know what? I'm cool with that. So my life isnt very exciting? At least i dont have too much to complain about.
Or maybe it's just that i dont want people to know about it.
Yeah, that's more like it.

Ok. Well people should call me today, talk to me.
A little Public Service Anouncement   
01:35pm 30/01/2004
Fucking Ahhhh!!!
That's you bitch!!
Happy FUCKING birthday.

-tee hee

Oh how i love thee
Tonight will be fun like yee haw
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